Four things sparkling wine and love have in common

Pongracz Rose with heart tartlet 002 LRSome would say that being in love is like being thirsty; encountering the need to quench a basic human need and something we can’t live without. Plato said “the god of love lives in a constant state of need” and on 14 February, we’ve set aside a day solely dedicated to expressing this need.

More often than not we celebrate this burning need in ourselves and our partners by opening a bottle of Champagne – or Méthode Cap Classique as it is called in South Africa – during special romantic occasions. In earlier cultures people believed that the drink had positive effects on women’s beauty and man’s wit, and although this definitely still rings true in some instances, there are many other reasons why opening a bottle of the ‘good stuff’ on Valentine’s Day is not a random tradition.

The drink of love, and the actual manifestation of the feeling in ourselves, actually share more commonalities than you might be aware of. Continue reading