Top Sauvignon Blanc and top complaints

Results in the FNB Sauvignon Blanc Top 10 were announced at an awards ceremony at the Cellars-Hohenhort on Friday, but instead of triggering healthy debate around its results – questioning why the Graham Beck Pheasants’ Run 2011 did not make it onto the Top 10 list (or Top 20 for that matter), the lack of any 5-Star ratings and the relevance of its listing – people are complaining about the lack of food at this event. Continue reading

Sauvignon Blanc Top 10 and summer

It might not feel like it in Cape Town, but summer has arrived (at least in the rest of the country). And while Capetonians await those sultry summer days filled with the smell of After Sun and sweat, nothing hints at the arrival of the beautiful, drunk season like chilled Sauvignon Blanc. Continue reading

A thousand glasses, almost

Held annually, and this year for the fourth time, a Night of a Thousand Glasses is one of those events on the wine calendar that indicates the year is drawing to a close. Organised by Distell, this evening’s aim is to showcase wines from the company’s Cape Legends portfolio. The event seats 100 guests and serves ten wines matched to ten dishes. Continue reading