Deliciously different at Solms-Delta

According to a new guide book, Solms-Delta is one of the top 25 South African restaurants to experience before you die, and it is really easy to understand why.

Situated in Franschhoek, Solms-Delta offers a fusion of everything that is local and lekker and they present it in such an authentic and memorable way: expect to find hearty food, unusual wines and enthusiastic entertainment by the farm’s local choir, Die Soet Stemme, when visiting.

A visit to this farm always feels more like a cosy retreat, which is why Fyndraai restaurant at Solms-Delta also tops my list as the best Winelands restaurant to visit during winter.

I was recently invited to the “relaunch” of Solms-Delta’s Fyndraai restaurant, and although it was too early in the year for waterblommetjiebredie (the one thing that drives me from my hibernation cave during winter), chef Shaun Schoeman did not disappoint with his other generous food offerings. Known for serving generous boerekos dishes with a twist, eating at Fyndraai restaurant is always a treat – you never quite know what you are going to get, but you know you’ll be eating something you can’t get anywhere else.

When I visited the restaurant had smoked Karoo ostrich carpaccio dressed with a secret num-num sauce and fynbos greens on the menu, as well as sticky glazed pork belly with Cape gooseberry and pickled spekboom, traditional Kaapse snoek parcel basted with lemon and wilde roosmaryn blatjang. Not exactly your average fare, and all the more enjoyable for it.

Solms-Delta takes pride in being a “wine farm with a difference” and they are refreshingly so, not least on the wine front. The estate produces wines which contain varying quantities of desiccated (vine clamped and dried) grapes, creating wines that are concentrated and definitely distinct.

A favourite of mine is the Koloni, a blend of 72% Muscat d’Alexandrie and 28 % Muscat (all desiccated on the vine), which is surprisingly dry, and deliciously different.

I’ll be attending the estate’s annual Oesfees this weekend, a highlight on the wine calendar and one that will be filled with all the components that make Solms-Delta such a great experience. Don’t miss out! You can still buy tickets here

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