De Wetshof Thibault 2009: The blueprint of a fine wine

De Wetshof wine estate in Robertson, famous for its seamless Chardonnay and classic Pinot Noir, has added a Bordeaux-style blend to its wine repertoire, called De Wetshof Thibault 2009.

Home to the famous Nature in Concert Pinot Noir, De Wetshof wine estate has a reputation for producing wines that are delicate and Old World in style. The De Wets – father Danie de Wet, mother Lesca and sons Peter and Johann – they, in turn, are known for being a sentimental bunch. A reputation which resonates with the wine drinker who knows that wine is not just about grapes.

True to form the latest wine to be released by this venerable wine clan offers the aficionado both an interesting story and a fantastic drink.

The De Wetshof Thibault 2009 is named after Louis Michel Thibault, the famous French architect who designed many of the Cape’s magnificent 18th and 19th century buildings. The De Wetshof Estate’s main building in Robertson is based on Thibault’s famous Koopmans-De Wet House in Cape Town, and the winery’s design is also modelled on one of the architect’s drawings.

This Bordeaux-style fuses two of the world’s great classical red cultivars, Merlot (94%) and Cabernet Sauvignon (6%), and, in true De Wetshof style it meticulously captures the essence of these noble cultivars. The plushness of the Merlot is tempered by the understated pencil shaving characteristics of the Cabernet and the boldness of the former is perfectly balanced by the fine tannins of the latter.

The juice went through malolactic fermentation and was also matured in French oak barrels specially selected by French cooper Christian Radoux; further enhancing the fresh fruity aromas and flavours of the final blend.

Peter de Wet, Danie’s winemaker son who has taken ownership of the De Wetshof Thibault 2009, has created one fine, pedigreed, wine here – one that will age particularly well but which is also ready to enjoy now with roast beef and lamb, fillet steak with a mushroom-based sauce and hearty beef, lamb or game casseroles.

Retail price: R250. Contact 023 615 1853,

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