Girls love having fun, and so much more…

The week before last I received a ‘girls only’ invite from a cute little place in town called I Love My Laundry.

With drinks supplied by Taittinger, the crowd was as rowdy as just a group of girls high on bubbles can be. There was gossip. And there was lingerie. There was the kind of small talk only we girls can find fascinating and there were the obligatory snide looks. We understand that this is how it is with girls. We laugh harder, we cry more, we shop to feel good and we shop to feel even better. And yes, we do love our laundry. And we love champagne. The person responsible for inviting the group of blogging girls clearly knows this.

We love this, and so, so much more…

  1. We love it when you call when you say you will
  2. We love it when we find exactly what we were looking for: whether it’s shoes or a man
  3. We love Marcel’s – the ice cream not the creepy Italian
  4. We love hearing we look great in jeans
  5. We love scented candles
  6. We love our mothers
  7. We love hearing we are like our mothers, even when we pretend we don’t
  8. We love coffee in bed
  9. We love coffee in bed very much
  10. We love hearing you think we are smart, sexy, beautiful….
  11. We love those silly X’s at the end of a message
  12. We love it when you send us flowers at the office
  13. We love that this makes our colleagues jealous
  14. We love beautiful linen
  15. We love sad movies, happy movies, silly movies and serious movies. Without movies our life would be empty.
  16. We love our pets because they make us feel vulnerable
  17. We love heels because wearing it makes us feel powerful
  18. We love the fact that you don’t ‘get’ us
  19. We love the fact that you try
  20. We love gossip
  21. We love our friends more than you love rugby
  22. We love Pink, Lady Gaga and Britney Spears. And all other singers we can sing along to.
  23. We love to dance, and we love that we look silly doing it.
  24. We love a good cry
  25. We love a good fight too
  26. We love all fattening consumables
  27. We love the beach, magazines and bikinis
  28. We love Facebook, Twitter and anything else which helps us break the news first
  29. We love Mr. Darcy
  30. We absolutely love a sale
  31. We love it when you whisper in our ear…

I can go on…. We love Fridays, for example. It is a never-ending list (we love lists).

Girls, if you are looking for a place where you can at least satisfy some of your ‘loves’, head over to I Love My Laundry, which is an innovative eatery inside a …. laundry. Quirky and lovable this quaint concept is also home to I Love My Wine, which translates into delectable food and wine functions at the venue. Visit for more love.

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