I am not a fan of Merlot but…

Everybody who knows me knows I hate Merlot. Local Merlot that is. Green, unbalanced, harsh tannins, bitter finish, boring and acidic are the dominating descriptors I associate with the category. I have noted before that Graeme Read’s Hillcrest Quarry Merlot 2008 is one of a handful of local Merlots I’d actually drink, it being a damn pretty wine as results in the Old Mutual Trophy Wine Show 2011 confirmed. For the rest, I’d be more prone to chuck it than chase it. 

It has been noted before that Merlot from Durbanville is of a high standard, with Read for one convinced that this region’s terroir best lends itself to the variety. Not one to brag – (who am I kidding?) – but after a weekend of indulging in my 3 Scribes red blend of Merlot / Petit Verdot (with the former in the lead) I have to concur. My wine – made together with Samarie Smith and Johan Crafford – is made from grapes grown on Durbanville wine farm De Grendel, and its quality can only be ascribed to healthy grapes, grown and ripened in optimum conditions – and of course, the expertise of our consultant, the formidable cellarmaster Charles Hopkins.

This is a bit of a long note to actually introduce this really cool clip I’ve found on the net on Merlot. I wish the more of the local stuff was of rock-star quality…. anyway, I’ll just indulge in my own.

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