Belle Bordeaux, some visuals

A full day in Bordeaux is not enough. The combination of Bar du Vins (wine bars) and shops mean that retail therapy is interlaced with lots of wine, which isn’t just expensive, it’s timeous.

Being in wine country means there is no shortage of wine bars. Awe.

Feed me enough wine and suddenly paying 60 Euro for that embroidered night frock doesn’t seem so elaborate, 40 Euro for a collar for my dog seem appropriate when even the dogs here are so damn beautiful – how do the French do that?! (I saw a Staffordshire terrier ‘trot’ alongside its owner… mine heaves and puffs and pulls on her leash lunging forward like the demented terrier she is.)

Saint-Catherine street is where you want to be if you won’t like to leave Bordeaux a pauper. It is home to the likes of Zara and H&M…

Head to St. Catherine street if it is bargain shopping you're after.

Architecturally Bordeaux is of course a marvel, with its cobbled streets leading to beautiful discoveries. Which is why I got lost, walked very far and ended up with blisters on my feet.

The wondrous sea horses of Place des Quinconces, replaced to their rightful place in 1945.

Bordeaux's big clock. This is also the portal to some fantastic shopping and less expensive cafes.

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