Night swimming deserves a Chenin

Following a bottle of Brampton Chenin Blanc 2007 on the rocks somewhere between Clifton 1st and 2nd beach, my GMF joined me for a moonlight dip in one of the tidal pools. My first dip of the season – and the weather and water felt fine. It was fun in the moment but this morning both of us are facing the consequences of irrational behaviour. I am avoiding making eye contact with my editor today, but he can tell

I also attended the Academy Awards of the wine world, the Veritas Awards in the CTICC on Saturday evening. It was a boring black tie affair, but luckily there were some good wines on the table – I hogged the Aan de Doorns Pinotage 2007. With its distinct aromas of freshly baked banana bread it managed to get a silver medal. Not bad for a co-op from Worcester, I thought. Felt suave sipping it, but this morning I found out that it retails for only R24 ex-cellar!

Duimpie Bayly, chairman of the awards, added some sparkle to the night, with his unfazed broken English with gems like “I would like to thank everyone teenwoordig” and “also the Minister of Landbou, Cobus Dowry”.

Stellenbosch dominated the awards with most of the gold and double gold medals being awarded to wineries in this district (see full results at Apparently all the more significant because as was remarked earlier that night “this is the one award ceremony where money can’t buy you a medal” go figure.

So what did I learn form my wine experiences this weekend? If you go to a black tie affair, go with a fun partner (as I did), and if you have to drink on the rocks, do it the el cheapo way (I paid R30 for the Chenin), and if the next day is a Monday DO phone in with gastroenteritis

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