My winning wine week

Monday: See “Night swimming deserves a Chenin”

Tuesday: Champagne tasting at WINE. After the panel had their swivel, sniff and swigs forty-plus bottles are left half-full behind the screen. It’s a sin to waste them and some of us decide to have our own “tasting” in the offices. Now this being the real deal and not just a couple of misinformed plebs’ experience of bubbles, we could not really leave anything untouched I leave with a bottle of Gosset in hand and despite a few regrets about finishing it the next morning, resolve to take take two the next time.

Wednesday: Hiding behind big designer glasses and trying to be unobtrusive, the ex-Minister of Intelligence phones me (really). “Hi, this is Ronnie”. “Ronnie who?” “Ronnie Kasrils…” My head spins – stop the world, I’m getting off.

Thursday: The results of the 2009 WINE magazine TOPS at SPAR Sauvignon Blanc Top 10 competition are revealed during a chatty luncheon at Bread & Wine on Mreson in Franschhoek. I make it my mission to find my favourite wine of the lot and am finally undecided between the limey Tokara Elgin 2007 and the herbaceous Graham Beck Pheasant’s Run 2008. It was intensive work and I am left exhausted. I snooze in Boss Lady’s car on the drive back…

Friday morning: I rush to be on time for my first workshop in the “Stellenbosch University Certificate Course in Wine Evaluation”. I am relieved to find the workshop informative and well-structured. I am also rather pleased that they gave me 18 bottles of wine to taste and evaluate

Friday afternoon: Awaiting weekend whilst a delivery services truck blairs Usher-type of boom-boom music outside. Oh, for a glass of one of yesterday’s Sauvignons…

In case you still don’t know, the full results of the Sauvignon Blanc Top 10 competition are up on this website, as are details of the wines to feature in our 2009 Best Value Wine Guide for cheap-skates like me.

Also check out the November issue on all news stands on Monday!

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