Vegetarian Fun

So imagine my horror when I, a full-blooded Free State girl, receive an invite to a vegetarian lunch at 96 Winery Road in Stellenbosch. I don’t recall ever being in the mood for vegetarian lasagne

But the invite also says “enjoy an afternoon with Ken Forrester tasting some of Helderberg’s best wines” – so off I go.

I arrive.

Me: Hi Ken, nice to meet you

(Insert conversation about organic wine versus “normal” wine, me dreaming up inoffensive, informed responses, waiting for more people to arrive, me scanning the menu, scanning the menu, scanning the menu)

Nope. No vegetarian lasagne. And a looong list of wines to taste.

The idea of the afternoon is to find wines that complement the vegetable dishes. But even with 17 wines to pair the dishes with, I find it difficult to find a winning match. In the end I simply fill my glass with the wine I enjoy the most – the Ken Forrester Chenin Blanc 2007. This, by the way, is best matched with the “Beetroot and dhukka goats cheese salad with spiced walnuts”.

Overall, a fun afternoon with lively conversation, good wine and, I admit, inventive, tasty vegetarian food.

(Tip: If you are looking for value, the Ken Forrester Chenin Blanc 2007 is exactly that at approximately R55 a bottle)

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