Summer Wine

Though of course this could have been normal PR talk, given that we were sampling the new White from Red Shiraz 2008 from this family winery.

Kloovenburg also presented its other summer wines for 2008: the White from Red Brut, Sauvignon Blanc and Barrel Fermented Chardonnay. We also got to sample the full, creative range of Kloovenberg olive products.

The venue was Pigalle restaurant in Green Point. Owned by two Portuguese brothers, this restaurant (whose interior resembles that of a dining hall in Love Boat) is the place to go “if you want decent seafood or steak”. It felt like we sampled just about everything the restaurant has on offer: mixed platter with chorizo, pasta pockets, calamari, mussels, steak, prawns, fish, spicy chicken and what not. I played Darwin and randomly selected what to pair with what. Maybe due to this, the full potential of the wines was lost on me.

Fellow guests complimented the wines, but they seemed bland to me or, in the case of the Chardonnay, somewhat overt. I’m sure the White from Red Shiraz will do well, though, as everyone else in my corner hailed the wine’s sundowner potential. (It retails for R49 ex-cellar.)

Winemaker and farm owner Pieter du Toit entertained the crowd with stories on “wild pigs” (they have been causing havoc on the farm) and he extended an invite to the table to come and shoot them. Meanwhile, Annalene, his wife and queen of all things olive, related the story of their flagship Eight Feet wine: it is a reference to their four sons helping out on the farm and in the cellar.

Like the food, the overall conversation would’ve been more appropriate on a stoep. But it summed up what Kloovenburg is all about: family.

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