Spoilt to the Core

Spoilt to the core, that’s what I am. Attended an afternoon of sweet debauchery at Uitkyk in Stellenbosch with Maja Berthas, a Swedish “wine and chocolate paring doyenne”.

It was really stunning. Plates of chocolate – I am talking serious chocolates, Lindt se Ma – were passed around, whilst Maja gave instructions: “Feerst you smell it, yes just like weeth wine, then bite onlie a theerd of the chocolate and allow it to melt, then take onlie the smallest sip of your wine and swievel it agound your mouth”.

I must confess, I ignored her instructions and popped the whole blocks into my mouth (they were bite size), and then proceeded to pair it with the sweet and fortified wines. Matching high content cocoa blocks with Allesverloren and Alto Port as well as Uitkyk’s 10 Year-Old Potstill Brandy and Neethlingshof Weisser Riesling Noble Late Harvest is sure to give you a sugar rush – I was ready to hurl.

Outside more decadence awaited us. Chocolate covered strawberries, cheesecake, chocolate brownies, chocolate clairs and more. Rooms were literally filled with cakes and sweets! Placing my nauseous disposition on hold, I stacked my plate

Before the chocolate pairing I got to sample some of the wines available in the top-end Cape Legends portfolio. I enjoyed the Le Bonheur Prima ’05 – a Merlot / Cabernet Sauvignon blend – that exhibits strong mulberry aromas. It retails for R78 ex-cellar. (Also whilst sampling the wines waiters were serving Brie and pistachio pastries with a plum sauce as well as pumpkin and potato fritters with feta and plum tomatoesdefine.)

Since attending these luncheons I’ve gained 5kgs…

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